French Maid

There has never been a more seductive icon for men than the French maid. Their proper attitude and their timeless white mini dress with a white flared apron has been the stuff of erotic fantasy for men for generations. So if you are looking to get a couple of looks this Halloween from the fellas, then we have an array of sexy Women's French Maid Costumes that will definitely get the job done.

French Maid - Sexy Women's Maid Costume

Sexy Women's Maid Costume

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French Maid - Adult Upstairs Maid Costume

Adult Upstairs Maid Costume

Our Price: $26.95
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Each one of these outfits is made with high quality material and features their own unique design. We know that when it comes to becoming a man's fantasy, creativity is essential. So that is that why we strive to offer you a glorious selection of get-ups that all feature their own unique style. So put on those heels and grab your duster and become a fantasy this Halloween with one of our sensual French Maid dresses.

It's ironic how a maid can become the object of a man's dirty fantasy. With an erotic black mini skirt, white thigh highs, a pair of black heels, and finished with a toy duster, you'll find yourself cleaning up dirty boy's on Halloween. It's is impossible to resist the allure of a French maid. Each one of these outfits comes with a mini skirt and a matching top. They are all designed with white trimmings as well as an attached white apron down the front. Some of these dresses also come with a cute little hat and a pair of white gloves. Every single one of these outfits can easily be accessories with a pair of heels, stockings, and a duster.

When it comes to sexy French Maid costumes for women we offer the very best dresses in this theme. With one of these outfits, you'll instantly become the object of every man's fantasy.

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