Inspired by your favorite fairytale characters, our women's fairytale costumes bring the infamous stories straight out of the books and give you something beautiful to go as for Halloween. From Disney princesses, to old storybooks, and tales told by word of mouth, we have a huge variety of tales for you to jump into. Be traditional or be seductive. The choice between sweet or sexy is yours. For example, you can be Belle from beauty and the Beast, in a lavish and elegant gown, or you can play her more daring in a tight and revealing dress. We have options like history has its mad up stories.

Fairytale - OZ Beauty Plus Size Sexy Adult Costume

OZ Beauty Plus Size Sexy Adult Costume

Our Price: $44.99
Out of Stock
Fairytale - Dorothy Wizard of Oz Costume for Women

Dorothy Wizard of Oz Costume for Women

Our Price: $39.99
Out of Stock

Halloween is about looking and feeling great, while wearing an outfit that accents your personality. Most of these fairytale designs will show off your more royal personality, but there are also lots of rags to riches characters that will display your grittiness.

Once you've picked out your perfect tall tale, check out our accessories that match the ensemble you've chosen. We have tiaras, wands, sparkly slippers, and more

With our low prices and great styles, you are sure to find something you love. Our goal is to make sure that you enjoy every minute of your Halloween, and when you are dressed like a princess from a far away land, you are sure to do that. Purchase a fairytale costume for women, and add a little fictional magic to your Halloween night.

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