Inspire men to build pyramids in your honor. Control a nation of people with your undeniable beauty. Become a child of the sun itself with one of our truly captivating women's Egyptian Costumes. These exotic, high quality dresses and outfits have been modeled after the royal wardrobe worn by ancient Egyptian queens. When you don one of our Egyptian or Arabian dresses you'll take on an exotic persona that has been cultivated by the mysterious cultures of the desert. Allure men with your eyes, draw them in with the shaking of your curves, and put them under your control with style of one of these outfits. Sensual, foreign, and comfortable you'll love the way these costumes make you look for your upcoming Halloween party.

Egyptian/Arabian - Women's Fortune Teller Sexy Costume

Women's Fortune Teller Sexy Costume

Our Price: $44.99
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Egyptian/Arabian - Egyptian Cat Goddess Sexy Adult Costume

Egyptian Cat Goddess Sexy Adult Costume

Our Price: $43.19
Out of Stock

With Halloween coming up, are you considering dressing up in an outfit of this style? Then discover what we have when it comes to Egyptian and Arabian dresses and ensembles. We have full length gowns inspired by the ancient fashion trends of the Nile River. You'll be able to become a queen of the ancient Egyptian people with one of our Cleopatra inspired dresses. If you want to go further east, check out our sensual gypsy getups that are accessorized with sashes and gold coin trimming. Maybe you want to grant three sexy wishes to your man. Then you'll love our exotic genie garbs. If you want to add some unique flair to any one of the garbs then check out our endless selection of Egyptian and Arabian accessories. You'll be amazed how you've completely transformed into a foreign mystifying beauty when you don any number of these outfits and accessories.

It is known through out the world that Egyptian and Arabian women are some of the most sensual and most beautiful on planet earth. So you can imagine that their wardrobe is as equally exotic, we strive to offer you the best quality and the most truly authentic Egyptian and Arabian costume so you can take on their alluring persona this Halloween season.

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