Take a swig and lose yourself in one of our women's drinking costumes this Halloween. The party will never stop when you wear an outfit that inspires others to cut loose and have a drink. We offer sexy, stylish, and high quality ensembles that are designed with a lively sense of humor in mind. Perfect for Halloween, St. Patrick's Day or any other holiday that features mixed beverages at the celebration. When you don one of our Women's Drinkingdresses you'll instantly become the center of the festivities, because who doesn't love a sexy looking girl who likes to have a drink or two?

Drinking - Pint Glass Unisex Costume for Adults

Pint Glass Unisex Costume for Adults

Our Price: $26.97
In Stock
Drinking - Russian Women's Costume in Black

Russian Women's Costume in Black

Our Price: $41.39
In Stock
Drinking - Ladies Beer Mug Adult Costume

Ladies Beer Mug Adult Costume

Our Price: $20.69
Out of Stock

Become the life of the party for your upcoming costume bash by checking out what we have in store when it comes to our selection of hilarious drinking themed dresses and ensembles. You will discover that we offer scantily designed vibrant cocktail dresses, all green St. Patrick's day outfits, hilarious Nun habits that inspire some bad behavior, old school German beer drinking frocks, even mini skirts inspired by classic beers such as Old Milwaukee. You can't help but chuckle at the sight of these hilarious, high quality outfits. Each one features their own unique design and there has to be at least one that fits your unique style perfectly. So put on your finest dress, grab your favorite shot glass and let the party begin!

It's always a celebration when their spirits and beverages involved. So become a part of the festivities this year in one of our many women's drinking costumes.

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