The tale of the Wizard of Oz is unforgettable. The story of the little girl from Kansas, Dorothy, whisked off to the magical Land of Oz by a tremendous tornado. There, she is set on an adventure that has delighted children and adults a-like for generations. With Halloween just around the corner, why not relive the joy you've had watching this timeless movie by dressing up as Dorothy. We offer women's Dorothy costumes for both young girls and women.

Dorothy - Adult Plus Dorothy Costume

Adult Plus Dorothy Costume

Our Price: $42.27
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Dorothy - OZ Beauty Sexy Adult Costume

OZ Beauty Sexy Adult Costume

Our Price: $38.65
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Dorothy - Courageous Lion Women's Sexy Costume

Courageous Lion Women's Sexy Costume

Our Price: $89.99
In Stock
Dorothy - Scarecrow Sexy Women's Costume

Scarecrow Sexy Women's Costume

Our Price: $49.99
In Stock
Dorothy - Teen Dorothy Costume

Teen Dorothy Costume

Our Price: $43.19
In Stock

They are stylish, comfortable, and the perfect ensemble to wear either out trick or treating or for your upcoming Halloween party. If you want to accessorize the outfit we also have a series of items that will complete your unique Dorothy look. Your Halloween festivities this year will be comparable to an adventure through the Land of Oz when you don one of our classic ensembles.

When you purchase one of our fabulous Dorothy dresses you will discover that each one is a replica of the blue and whit gingham dress that she wears in the movie and is made from incredibly high quality material. Generally, each outfit comes with two pieces: the first one being a white undershirt that is designed with short puffy sleeves and the second piece a blue gingham dress that features a skirt and spaghetti straps. You can simply wear this costume as is, however if you are looking to add some frills to your ensemble try pairing the outfit with some red glittering ruby slippers, a whicker basket, and a stuffed Toto the dog toy. We offer everything you need to become this truly enchanting character from one of the most popular movies of all time.

Were you entranced when you saw the Wizard of the Oz for the first time as a child, has your little one felt the same thing when she first watched it? Either way, we offer you and your daughter the chance to become Dorothy from this unforgettable movie this Halloween in one of our classic Dorothy dresses.

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