Have an outrageous and lively Halloween this year by looking your best in one of our Women's Designer Costumes. We offer brand name outfits that come in some of the most unique fashions. These are high quality ensembles that come with all sorts of amazing accessories. We offer you complete designer attires that come in styles such as: Moulin Rouge, Burlesque, Gypsy, Brazilian Show girl and many other exotic themes. You'll be seen as a vision of pure beauty by everyone at the party. Whenever you enter a room all eyes will fall on you, they won't be able to escape your entrancing splendor. So if you want a show stopping outfit for your upcoming Halloween party, look no further than our Women's Designer dresses.

Designer - Sexy Noir Pirate Women's costume

Sexy Noir Pirate Women's costume

Our Price: $99.99
In Stock
Designer - Adult Haunting Beauty Costume

Adult Haunting Beauty Costume

Our Price: $89.99
In Stock
Designer - Piercing Beauty Ladies Adult Costume

Piercing Beauty Ladies Adult Costume

Our Price: $112.49
In Stock
Designer - Sexy Peacock Diva Women's costume

Sexy Peacock Diva Women's costume

Our Price: $161.99
In Stock

Classy, vibrant, and comfortable! You'll love the way you look and feel in one of these designer outfits. Our burlesque outfits are made with frilly trimming, wide skirts, feathers, and curvy frames. Our Moulin Rouge, Gypsy, and Cowgirl dresses are designed with such a sensual style that you'll have men tailing you wherever you go on Halloween night. We even have designer outfits that take your favorite superhero character and transforms their wardrobe into a sexy, glossy, and designer ensemble that is the perfect to wear not only for Halloween, but for any comic book convention. If sexy is not what you are looking for, but you want to stand out at the party then check out our full length designer dresses inspired by sorceresses and the Renaissance era. Our high quality outfits will make you shine for your up coming Halloween festivities.

Halloween only comes once a year, so make it an event that will last in your memory for years to come by dressing up in one of our high quality Women's Designer outfits.

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