Put on your spurs and saddle up, because you'll look great this Halloween dressed up in one our fun women's cowgirl costumes. Our assortment of cowgirl themed pieces is extensive and filled with high quality, detailed ensembles. All of our Halloween outfits in this genre are eye catching and fun to wear out trick or treating or partying. Take a trip back to the old wild, wild west and bring some cowpoke style to Halloween this year.

Cowgirls - Saloon Gal Adult Costume

Saloon Gal Adult Costume

Our Price: $36.99
In Stock
Cowgirls - Adult Annie Oakley Costume

Adult Annie Oakley Costume

Our Price: $24.29
In Stock
Cowgirls - Gun Slinger Cowgirl Women's Costume

Gun Slinger Cowgirl Women's Costume

Our Price: $40.49
In Stock
Cowgirls - Rodeo Queen Adult Costume

Rodeo Queen Adult Costume

Our Price: $44.97
Out of Stock
Cowgirls - Sexy Silver Star Cowgirl Women's costume

Sexy Silver Star Cowgirl Women's costume

Our Price: $58.49
Out of Stock

This section includes several different styles within the theme so that everyone can find something they like. Cowgirl inspired ensembles are a lot of fun because they can look really cute, while giving off a slightly wild, rough attitude as well. The multifaceted nature of the cowgirl ensemble also adds their allure. Accessories and props always make costumes seem to come alive and a cowgirl piece gives you the opportunity to dress up a bit more with add on's like a cowboy hat, stylish boots, gun belt, star badges, and more. Our cowgirl themed outfits come in several different styles and color schemes, some featuring mini skirts, while others feature chaps, and they all are available in different variations. We also sell cowboy themed pieces that aren't cowgirl outfits, like our Old West Saloon Girl options and our Jesse items, which feature the female counterpart to Woody from Toy Story.

Women's cowgirl outfits can be a lot of fun on Halloween. When everyone is dressing up like a zombie or a vampire, you'll stand out in a cute cowgirl ensemble. Search through our supply to find your favorite and order yours today!

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