Make this Halloween really memorable by including your significant other. Of course you'll be partying together, but it'll be so much more fun if you match in one of our fun Couples Costumes. We offer a ton of great looking pieces that you and your boyfriend or girlfriend will look so cute in. Our collection of couples' costumes features many different costume genres and themes so whichever style or type of Halloween ensemble you are looking for, you can certainly find a fun matching pair here.

Going out as a pair can be so much fun. Many of our paired pieces are humorous and funny and we offer couples' choices across all of our styles. We offer cowboy and cowgirl, pirate pairs, priest and nun costumes, and vampire paired ensembles. This section also includes television and movie themed pairs, like Shrek and Fiona, a Jersey Shore couple, Marge and Homer Simpson, and Brady Bunch themed couple's costumes. If you want a classic, storybook pairing, try our Disney Princess and Prince Charming costume set. For a more humorous choice, check out some of our innuendo themed pieces, like our Plug and Socket or the USB and Port sets.

Make this Halloween special for you and your significant other. Don't just celebrate it together, go out in matching or complementing themed costumes. Our stock of couples' costumes and paired sets provide you fun and eye catching Halloween outfits in all of the same styles and themes we offer elsewhere on the site. Pick out your desired theme and hunt for a couple's set today!

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