Spread some Halloween joy with our Women's Clown Costumes. Or you can spread some fear with the darker, more evil, clown outfits. Depending on your preferences, clowns can be hilarious, horrifying, or even sexy, which is why we have so many different designs for you to choose from. So whether you want to go to a birthday party and make some children laugh, you want to be the killer clown from the nightmares of many, or you want to be a seductive harlequin girl, we can fulfill your desires.

Clown - Adult King's Jester Costume

Adult King's Jester Costume

Our Price: $24.97
Out of Stock
Clown - Adult Party Clown Costume

Adult Party Clown Costume

Our Price: $49.99
Out of Stock
Clown - Sexy Clowning Around Women's Costume

Sexy Clowning Around Women's Costume

Our Price: $54.99
Out of Stock

Clowns have been half and half with scaring people and making them happy. It is this diverse nature that makes it such a unique ensemble to wear for the holiday. They are the modern jesters of our age, or the villains of our nightmares.

You can turn a friendly clown evil by just adding a bit of fake blood to the big shoes, rainbow wigs, and colorful jumpsuits. You can also turn all these outfits sexy by making them a little tighter and adding a little enticing dark features to the designs. Pick what clown you want to be. Have a bunch of children jumping up and down for balloon animals or have a bunch of men jumping at the chance to talk to you at the Halloween party.

Since you cannot put a price on humor, our clown costumes for women have a very low cost. Each one gives you all of the clown accessories to get people coming back to the circus, so buy one and let the show begin.

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