New Halloween fashions are great, but our Women's Classic Costumes capture the true essence of style, beauty, and elegance. Other Halloween fashions focus too often on the sex appeal of a costume. This leads to a stagnant trend where everyone is wearing less and less clothing. Soon ladies are just going to be partying in themed underwear every Halloween. You can look extremely enticing without being skimpy. These time-tested looks will have men knowing you're a classy broad. If you want something that has proven its worth time and time again, our classic outfits for women are your best option.

Classic - Flat Fried Egg Unisex Costume for Adults

Flat Fried Egg Unisex Costume for Adults

Our Price: $26.97
Out of Stock
Classic - Deluxe Women's Black Velvet and Satin Cape

Deluxe Women's Black Velvet and Satin Cape

Our Price: $31.47
Out of Stock

The best Halloween designs are the ones that combine your natural beauty with the elegance of a uniquely put together outfit, which accentuates your best features. Each of these traditional looks are built to highlight the best parts your body has to offer, helping you maximize you're the fun you'll be having at your party.

From sexy looks to silly ones, we have everything you could possibly need in a classic Halloween costume. This holiday isn't all about looking great, but it can also be a great opportunity to scare people or make them laugh. We have all the traditional Halloween monster ensembles, as well as ones that will have people's sides splitting. All you have to do is find the one that matches your personality, your flair, and your budget.

Adults' classic costumes do more than make you look great, they save your wallet loads of money. Every one of these outfits are reasonably priced and fantastically designed, so buy one today.

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