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For a unique and interesting outfit choice that will stand out, check out our assortment of fun women's Board and Video Game Costumes. For gamers of all kinds, it can be a lot of fun to dress up as a favorite character or in something that pays homage to your favorite game. Some dress as superheroes, while movie buffs dress as their favorite characters, so why not include video games too? Gaming is gradually becoming a leading entertainment medium, with interaction being the key to its increasing popularity over television shows or movies. In the same vein, board games have not quite gone out of style just yet. If you have a favorite board game or did as a kid, you can show it off with one of these fun board game and video game costume selections.

Women's Board & Video Games - Angry Birds Blue Bird Adult Costume

Angry Birds Blue Bird Adult Costume

Our Price: $19.99
In Stock
Women's Board & Video Games - Sonic the Hedgehog Costume Adult

Sonic the Hedgehog Costume Adult

Our Price: $59.97
In Stock
Women's Board & Video Games - Adult Tetris Interactive Tunic Costume

Adult Tetris Interactive Tunic Costume

Our Price: $39.99
Out of Stock

Board games and video games are often not frequently costume themes for Halloween, which is what makes them such a great idea. Costumes like werewolves or vampires have become too standard and are over-used. Try something different this Halloween and come up with an original and unique idea. Our Twister and Candyland themed mini dresses are sexy and stunning. You'll be the highlight of the party in one of our Twister inspired dresses so don't be surprised if someone whips out a Twister mat and wants to play.

We also sell cute Angry Birds themed costumes that are comically large and very colorful. Monopoly, Scrabble, Street Fighter, and Princess Peach ensembles are also included. Search for your favorite game's themed dress and find the style just right for you. Our board and video game themed outfits are eye catching, colorful, and above all, playful. Order your ladies game costume today.

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