50's Costumes

Slide a nickle into the jukebox and put on your favorite poodle skirt to celebrate Halloween in true 50's style. Our catalog of 50's Costumes provides you with a ton of time period accurate ensembles and looks that can give you a playful and fun Halloween outfit. Flashback to the era of Elvis, Greasers, drive-in roadside diners when you don these flirty women's 50's outfits. These retro looks are too cute to pass up. Stand out apart from the vampires and werewolves this Halloween and dress in something bright and colorful this year. Search through our stock of 50s wear and pick out your favorite today.

Whether you are attending a fun 50's themed costume party or are looking for an outfit for Halloween, this is the perfect place to be to find the perfect outfit for you. This extensive collection covers all of the looks of the 50's, from cute poodle skirt girls to the rebellious greaser look. Each of our outfit styles varies in color and design so that everyone can find something they love. Some of our outfits are modeled after The Pink Ladies from the film and musical Grease, with pink satin jackets and tight leggings. Many of our options are bright and colorful in a light pink or powder blue and polka dots, which were all the rage back then, accent many of these pieces. You'll find plenty of satin jackets or satin skirts as well for an eye catching look. Of course, we offer many iterations of the poodle skirt outfit, with the skirt and poodle applique in a number of different colors and styles.

50's themed ensembles are so much fun and they're great to party in. The bright and colorful vintage look of our outfits can make your Halloween costume a real highlight of the party. Search through this collection and find your favorites today.

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