Cowboys were some of the toughest guys in American history. The Old West was full of dangers, both human and animal, so these guys had to be prepared for anything. If your teenager is a big fan of the history of these figures, or he just really likes your old John Wayne movies, then you'll certainly find a costume for him in our Teen Cowboys Costumes section. And with costumes for both boys and girls, your daughter could have a great cowgirl costume as well. Although many people just assume that all women either stayed at home, worked as bartenders or escorts, or were nuns, there were plenty of tough women who protected their farms and their livelihood, and they did a darn good job of it, too. Women knew that they had to be tough as nails as well, if they were going to make it in the wild west.

Cowboys - Teen Desperado Costume

Teen Desperado Costume

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Cowboy costumes are great fun, because of their old school authentic look and their fun accessories. We've got whips, holsters, prop pistols for the holsters, cowboy cats, and a variety of other pieces to make sure your son or daughter's cowboy costume is as cool as they want it to be. If they can get their friends to dress as old west figures as well, they'll have a group costume that will look good enough to rob a train. Of course, trains went much slower back then.

Wrangle yourself up a great outfit this Halloween, with a teen cowboy costume!

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