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Bring your favorite fictional characters to life with our unbelievable collection of TV and movie costumes for teens. This whole section is dedicated to transporting your favorite TV and movie friends out of the screens they populate and into your Halloween holiday. From The Walking Dead to Alice in Wonderland to Pirates of the Caribbean to The Wizard of Oz, we are bound to have your favorite TV and movie characters.

TV and Movie - Teen Deluxe Arrow Costume

Teen Deluxe Arrow Costume

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TV and movies are constantly creating interesting and intriguing characters, which is why we are always updating our TV and movie costumes section. Whether you are looking for outfits from one of the newer TV and movie sensations or programs dating back to the Stone Age, we have one of the largest TV and movie collections on the web. All you need to do is figure out which one of these iconic characters will make your Halloween night better.

Your friends and family will undoubtedly appreciate the reference when you wear your awesome costume this Halloween – especially if you dress up as one of their favorite characters. Even if you dress up as a new TV or movie icon, people will recognize who you are supposed to be immediately, eliminating that awkward conversation when your outfit isn't up to par. No more “So... what are you supposed to be...?”

With these teen TV and movie costumes, you're not “supposed to” be anything – you are whatever character you dress up as.

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