Here comes the coin toss! You won't need help deciding what to wear for Halloween after you see these great teen sports costumes. From touchdowns to alley oops, we have the outfits for all your favorite after-school activities. Put them on and you'll look so good it'll seem like you stepped right out of High School Musical.

Get the party started when you welcome the players to the field in any of our flirty referee costumes. Form-fitted and high-cut, these cute get-ups might make the kickoff might take a little longer than usual. After all, when the players see you covered in black and white stripes and running around in a sweet, pleated skirt, they won't be able to focus on anything else. Pull on your striped white knee socks before you step out and you'll look leagues better than any Dallas cheerleader. You can't start the timer until you have all your accessories. Bring along a silver whistle to make Sue Sylvester proud, and chase after the teams in style with a pair of black Mary Janes. Add on a megaphone so you can be heard through the rowdiest of crowds.

Not everyone plays by the rules, and someone has to put them in line. Keep it fair and square when you put on any of these great sports costumes for Halloween this year. Order yours today before it sells out! You never know when these deals will end, and they won't be going into overtime.

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