20's Costumes

America's Golden Age was a time of fierce fashion, overflowing luxury, and lurid secret lifestyles. Look like you stepped out of one of Great Gatsby's parties when you wear these nostalgic 20s Costumes for teens. From dancing divas to burly mob bosses, we have the outfit for you.

20's Costumes - Flirty Teen Flapper Costume

Flirty Teen Flapper Costume

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Flapper dresses revolutionized the fashion industry with their hiked-up hemlines and flowing silhouettes, all of them designed to make young fashionistas look stunning while they did daring dances like the Charleston. Jazz up the party when you shimmy in wearing a flirty flapper costume. No one will believe how good you look when you saunter in sporting a gorgeous feather headband and dazzling sequined dress. Shrug on a boa and you'll be the hottest thing around.

The Roaring 20s wasn't all innocent fun. The Prohibition had outlawed liquor, turning late-night party goers to hidden speakeasies still serving their favorite drinks. The Mafia took advantage and made millions by selling illegal alcohol to desperate vendors, sometimes engaging in all-out mob wars to get control of cities. Take after Scarface and dress up as a mob boss to be the most terrifying man in town. Not one for management? You can suit up as a cute gangster and carry out all the boss's hits. Arm yourself with a machine gun and holster so you can keep those boys in line.

The 1920s might be long gone, but its spirit is still running strong. Take some fashion tips from Boardwalk Empire with these costumes and you look better than any of your friends. Order your favorite today! These deals are a steal, and the fuzz might shut them down before you can get a hold of them.

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