This Halloween, search for buried treasure with one of our teen pirate costumes! Set sail on an adventure that won't soon be forgotten, and loot each house while on your trick-or-treating journey. We also offer pirate accessories that will help you complete your swashbuckler look and protect ye booty from other buccaneers. Our collection of pirate items features a variety of outfits for teens and tweens, and there is bound to be something for everyone.

Pirate - Pirate Teen Babe Costume

Pirate Teen Babe Costume

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Pirate - Teen's Quality Jack Sparrow Costume

Teen's Quality Jack Sparrow Costume

Our Price: $22.99
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Pirates combine the freedom of the open seas with the danger of plundering for gold, which is why they make such amazing Halloween costumes. Rather than simply settling for a ghost or a zombie outfit, spice your Halloween experience up with some pirate flair. Eye patches, pirate dresses, scallywag bandanas, and so much more can be found right here on our site. So gear up for a pirate adventure, but be wary of deceptive thieves while on your travels. Other pirates are dying for a chance to dance around your gold.

Halloween is about living the life of something fantastic and imaginative, and it does not get much better than these teen pirate costumes. Gather up your friends and create your own crew, or run it alone like Captain Jack Sparrow from the popular Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Every pirate is in search of something, so if you have been looking for the perfect pirate outfit for Halloween, then look no further. X marks the spot!

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