Embrace the mysteries of the sea this Halloween, with one of our fun Teen Mermaid Costumes. Mermaids are fair, beautiful creatures, half human and half fish. They are the subject of many a folk song and fantastical tale from sailors, whether they claim to have seen one, or they know somebody who has seen one. Mermaid costumes are a popular choice every year, as they are always brightly colored, and pretty elegant. The dresses are beautiful, and the fins at the bottom add an extra little flair to it that is already a lot of fun. Get your boyfriend or husband to dress as a fisherman or as mighty Poseidon, for a costume couple that comes straight from undersea royalty. Or get your friends to dress as other mermaids, for a group costume that will have the men at your party taking notice.

Wearing a mermaid costume is especially fun, because of the accessories that could go along with it. Cute high heel shoes, makeup kits, and wigs are just a few of the options available to you for your amazing outfit. Underwater themed costume jewelry is also a great choice, as these little details will just serve to make you look even more beautiful and elegant. Mermaids are beautiful fictional creatures, so you can really do whatever you want with your costume. Nobody can argue with your choices, because you're dressing as something that doesn't exist.

Ariel's got nothing on your this Halloween, with your teen mermaid costume!

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