You may not be able to get out to Hawaii this year, but that doesn't mean you can't feel like you're there! With our Teen Luau Costumes, you can throw your own big bash. These costumes feature grass skirts in a variety of colors and styles, which are perfect for dressing as a luau dancer. Dress as one for a fun Halloween costume, or to make yourself the perfect hostess for your summer luau barbecue. Master your hip swinging, because everybody is going to want to see that iconic dance that they see the luau dancers do in movies and television shows. These may not make the best Halloween costume, because it can be a bit chilly in late October. But if you're feeling brave and you won't be defeated, then go for it.

Luau - Raffia Grass Luau Skirt Adult

Raffia Grass Luau Skirt Adult

Our Price: $6.97
In Stock
Luau - Green Grass Hula Skirt

Green Grass Hula Skirt

Our Price: $6.97
In Stock

We also sell everything else you could possibly need to make your luau costume perfect. In addition to the skirts, we sell coconut bikini tops, leis, and plenty of fun little accessories. Costume jewelry would be a fun touch, as well as some coconut maracas. Get your friends to dress as luau girls with you, for a group costume that is sure to be a big hit at your party. Men can wear them too, and if you get some straw hats for your guests, everybody will feel like they're down in sunny Hawaii.

Bring the fun of a big luau party to your own backyard, with one of our luau costumes!

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