Celebrate the history of the good old United States of America this Halloween, with a Teen Historic or Patriotic Costume. The pilgrims came to America seeking freedom from religious persecution, and they made their own life there. The country would then grow and develop into one of the most powerful countries in the world, a premier superpower on the global stage. But a lot of things had to go right for that to happen, and for that we owe thanks to the men and women who shaped this country in its early years of development. With one of our historical costumes, you can look just like a pilgrim, a founding father, or any number of figures who were instrumental in earning this country its freedom, and establishing it as a democracy in a world still dominated mostly by theocracies.

Historic/Patriotic - Women's Colonial / Pilgrim Set

Women's Colonial / Pilgrim Set

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Historical costumes are a lot of fun, in part due to the fact that the clothes worn back then were so much different. With powdered wigs, fanciful outfits, and buckled boots, your costume is sure to be a tremendous hit with all of your friends. Especially if they are history buffs, in which case they'll absolutely adore your historically accurate costume. The pilgrims were Puritans, meaning the women remained very modestly clothed. It may be a bit different from the typical sexy costume you're used to seeing on Halloween, but its historical context gives it a fun edge.

Show off your love for American history, with a teen historical costume!

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