Frolic freely this Halloween in our teen fairy costumes! Fairies are very popular Halloween characters because they are simply magical. While other ghouls and goblins are bent on making mischief, fairies are adorable creatures with good intentions. From the wings to the wands, everything about our fairy outfits will have you sparkling with beauty and ready to make some magic.

Since fairies come in varying colors and styles, we have stocked a plethora of teen fairy Halloween costumes. The size of our collection helps give you more options, which means more opportunities for fun. The fairy style that you choose says so much about your personality, so take your time and find the exact fairy outfit that will highlight your best attributes. We also offer all of the fairy accessories you will need to make your Halloween magical this year – including fairy wings, fairy dresses, and fairy wands.

Live the Halloween fantasy that you desire with one of these teen fairy costumes. Float around in the sky on Halloween night with your fairy friends or find your own adventure. Use your wand to create a fun situation for everyone, and don't be shy with the magic. Everybody knows about your fantastic abilities, so use them for a good cause.

Sprinkle some pixie dust on this upcoming Halloween and make it special with one of these teen fairy costumes!

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