If your son or daughter really likes their high school world history class, then a historical costume is the perfect choice this Halloween. Check out our supply of Teen Egyptian / Arabian Costumes, and you'll find the perfect piece. We've got mummy costumes for both sexes, Cleopatra costumes for your daughter, and Pharaoh costumes for your son. The Ancient Egyptians were a brilliant people, whose mummification practices have been studied extensively. The pyramids are one of the great wonders of the world, and their ability to construct them with such primitive technologies is something that still fascinates archaeologists to this very day. Your son or daughter can get historical this Halloween, with one of these amazing costumes.

Egyptian/Arabian - Teen Girl's Cute Mummy Costume

Teen Girl's Cute Mummy Costume

Our Price: $36.89
In Stock
Egyptian/Arabian - Teen Toga Costume

Teen Toga Costume

Our Price: $17.09
In Stock
Egyptian/Arabian - Teen's Egyptian Princess Costume

Teen's Egyptian Princess Costume

Our Price: $32.35
Out of Stock

These costumes can be enhanced with some very cool accessories. The ancient Egyptians were well known for their ornate and elaborate jewelry, so check out our supply of costume jewelry to find the pieces that will perfectly complement your son or daughter's costume. We have staffs, shoes, wigs, and anything else they could need to have the best costume ever. If they're wearing it to school, their history teacher will absolutely love it. Or if they're out to a costume party, they can use it as an excuse to show off their knowledge, in addition to just having such a cool costume. We also have swords and shields, if they want to show off the skills that the Egyptians had for fighting.

Help your son or daughter become a real life Egyptian figure this Halloween, with one of our teen Egyptian costumes!

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