Nothing screams Halloween more than a long, luxurious cape. Whether you plan on giving them the kiss of a lifetime as a sultry vampire or want to make all their dreams come true as a fairytale diva, we have the outfit for you. Peruse through our selection of Capes and Robes for Teens and your bound to find a favorite.

Capes/Robes - Adult 45 Inch Red Satin Cape

Adult 45 Inch Red Satin Cape

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Sling on any of our blood red capes and you'll be swathed in a fiery vale that will get everyone's attention. Many of them come with large hoods, letting you cover your identity from all your unsuspecting victims. Wear it with a long black dress, fangs, and bat-bedazzled jewelry to look like a drop-dead gorgeous vampire. Go for goth and sling it over a flattering corset, gauzy petticoat, strappy boots, and rocker wig, all of them in jet black and scarlet shades. Are you less fearsome and more fairytale? Have all the boys howling after you when you dress up as Little Red Riding hood in a black corset, red tutu, and white leggings.

Maybe you're looking for something a little darker. Add a black cape to your October ensemble and you'll be ready to terrorize the night. This magical color truly goes with anything—wear it over a witch's costume and you'll look like you just stepped out of the coven. Pop on some Victorian clothes and a mask so you can head over to the masquerade, or wear it with a black dress and scythe to be a sultry Death.

Creepy and classy, sexy and spooky, a cape or robe is truly one of the best accessories you can get. Order this Halloween standard today and you'll be ready to let your creativity run wild.

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