Our selection of teen bee, bug, and butterfly costumes capture the natural beauty of our buggy neighbors! Winged, spotted, and striped, our insect outfits will have you happily buzzing your way through this year's Halloween season. But don't worry: no spiders or other creepy crawlers can be found amongst our insect items. You have a variety of bugs to choose from, including ladybugs, butterflies, and bumblebees.

Bee/Bug/Butterfly - Teen Busy Lil' Bee Light Up Costume

Teen Busy Lil' Bee Light Up Costume

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Watch the way a butterfly skips across a field of flowers, or the way a ladybug crawls across a blade of grass, and you will see the hypnotizing beauty of the insect world. It is this same beauty that our teen insect costumes aim to recreate. When wearing one of these outfits to a party, you may find yourself swarmed by a crowd of boys. Just be sure not to get stepped on! If you have ever craved to wear something simple, sophisticated, and enchanting, our bee, bug, and butterfly items can satiate that craving.

Catching an insect or a bug is easier said than done, but our insect teen costumes make it simple. The most difficult part is deciding which of these insect outfits you want to wear this Halloween. Try to find the bee, bug, or butterfly that suits your personality best. Do you want to be an adorable bumblebee buzzing around, or do you want to float around like a glorious butterfly?

Regardless of which insect costume you choose, you will have people screaming about how they think they saw a giant bug.

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