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Are you ready for some Saturday Night Fever? Head over to the disco in these cool 70s Teen Costumes and you'll have everyone singing "That's the Way I Like It." Don't worry about getting lost in the crowd—we have all the hottest styles to make you stand out while you do the Hustle, helping you put all those dancing queens to shame with their psychedelic patterns and short skirts. Colorful dresses stuffed to bursting with mind-bending shapes are perfect for girls that want to light up the dance floor, and our metallic disco outfits will cover any diva in gorgeous gold, bronze, and silver swirling patterns. Still not working for you? Go for a throwback and put on a 60s-inspired Mod Girl dress to have everyone feeling the groove.

70's Costumes - Teen's Disco Diva Costume

Teen's Disco Diva Costume

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70's Costumes - Mod Teen Girl Costume

Mod Teen Girl Costume

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No fashionista could forget her accessories. Throw on a pair of Go-go boots so you can rock on to Donna Summers, and wear a pair of disco ball earrings for a dazzling look. Put your hair up with a cool matching headband and you'd make Daphne jealous with how good you look. If you want a great 'fro but don't have the locks, get the look with an awesome wig, or take some fashion advice from ABBA with a feathered 'do. Ask your man to throw on a 70s shirt and you'll never get lonely on the dance floor.

James Brown is blasting on the radio, and you're itching to shake it. Don't wait for an invitation to go out this Halloween—just put on our great teen 70s costumes and you'll be ready to boogie all night! Order your favorite today and you're guaranteed to look funky-fierce.

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