If you are what you eat, how come zombies are so brain-dead? Oh well—at least you'll look smart when you put on these sexy zombie costumes! Slip into these bust-bearing get-ups and you'll look good enough to Sean of the Dead moan out loud.

Zombies - Zombie Nurse Sexy Costume for Women

Zombie Nurse Sexy Costume for Women

Our Price: $33.27
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Zombies - Women's Cemetery Bride Costume

Women's Cemetery Bride Costume

Our Price: $37.99
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Zombies - Women's Ghostly Bride Costume

Women's Ghostly Bride Costume

Our Price: $71.99
Out of Stock

Get everyone into the Halloween spirit when you become an zombie cheerleader. You'll look as cute as you do creepy in your red and black pleated skirt, tank top, and pompoms, all of them splattered with fresh blood. Let everyone know which side you're rooting for with the "I ? BRAINS" slogan on the shirt. Nervous that the pep rally will get a little to rowdy? Call in an Armbiter Officer and she'll keep everyone in line—after all, no one survives a mouthing-off from her.

When you're ready to get into some Silent Hill, suit up as a zombie nurse and start looking out for Pyramid Head. You'll have your patients second-guessing that lobotomy when you show up to assist as Nurse Betty, her bright white dress shredded at the sky-high hem and completely covered with blood. If you looking for something a little more vintage, wear our weathered nurse costume that's yellow with age and still dirty from the grave.

World War Z is right around the corner, and you just found out your neighbors came from Resident Evil. Make sure you're ready for the undead block party when you get a sexy zombie costume for Halloween this year. You better move fast—order yours too late, and you'll be left for dead.

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