It isn't Halloween until you've seen a witch. Make everybody's night when you fly into the party wearing our sexy witch costumes. These flirty dresses are the perfect fit for any spell casting seductress, and are sure to have all the guys asking for a ride on your broomstick.

Witch - Women's Purple Spider Witch Costume

Women's Purple Spider Witch Costume

Our Price: $49.97
In Stock
Witch - Sexy Spider Witch Women's Costume

Sexy Spider Witch Women's Costume

Our Price: $39.99
In Stock
Witch - Women's Kandy Korn Witch Costume

Women's Kandy Korn Witch Costume

Our Price: $19.97
Out of Stock

Join your gal pals at the coven in one of our traditional looks, covering you in deep purples and pitch blacks. Have all your arachnophobic buddies shivering with fear when you strut in as a Spider Witch, your body swathed in silky violet satin and crawling with creepy spiders. Get ready for the bewitching hour as a Midnight Witch, and look like you came straight from Hugh Hefner's mansion in one of our Playboy get-ups.

Are you less Macbeth and more Sabrina? Our brightly-colored outfits will give a playful touch to the centuries-old stigma. You won't need any love potions when you put on our garter-strapped dresses, like our green and purple Sexy Spell Binder . Hit their sweet-tooth as a Candy Corn Witch, looking adorable in bright yellow, vibrant orange, and sultry black. Still not enough? Show how much you love pink with our Sexy Sparkle get-up.

Halloween is exciting for all magic mischief-makers, especially when they have a cute witch costume for the night. Put on your favorite and pull out the cauldron, because you've got a great night ahead of you! Don't wait to order yours—miss these deals, and no amount of newts and frogs will bring them back again.

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