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We grow up watching our favorite heroes and villains duke it out over high stakes, whether we're going out to the movies for a first date or cheer on the fight over a bowl of cereal on Saturday morning. Show your love for all your favorites when you wear these sexy TV and movie costumes on Halloween. There's no better way to celebrate the spookiest season of the year than by dressing up as a villain from a scary movie. Get Jason Voorhees to terrorize all those campers and have Freddy Kruger keep them up all night. When you get famished from all that chasing, you can go trick-or-treating as Micheal Myers. Sick of dealing with undead house guests that just won't leave? Call on the Ghostbusters for some help. If the action leaves you with a bad hair day, visit a cute Edward Scissorhands for a new look.

TV & Movie - Sexy Little Bo Peep Women's Costume

Sexy Little Bo Peep Women's Costume

Our Price: $35.99
In Stock
TV & Movie - Women's Betty Boop Costume

Women's Betty Boop Costume

Our Price: $38.99
In Stock
TV & Movie - Sexy Night Vigilante Women's costume

Sexy Night Vigilante Women's costume

Our Price: $74.99
In Stock

Tap into your childhood with any of our cartoon costumes. Help out the Avengers as a sultry Captain America, and start teasing the Hulk when you suit up as Iron Man. You can always move over to DC and protect the world as part of the Justice League, protecting all your loved ones as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, or the Flash. Do your superpowers come from spinach? Become Popeye and go save Olive Oyl. If you happen to dive into a drain to avoid Bluto, you might run into some sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

When you're done with all those explosions, get your daily dose of pop when you tune into VH1. You're sure to find all your favorite singers strutting their stuff. Little monsters can wear our Lady Gaga costumes to be Poker Face posh and Paparazzi ready. Still reeling from Last Friday Night? Put on a Katy Perry costume and rock on to "California Girls." If you're a lady that loves some bling, get ready to shine bright like a diamond as Rihanna.

Every since America flooded the nickelodeons in the 1920s, the Silver Screen has been a huge part of our lives. Let everyone know what you've been watching when you put on our sexy TV and movie costumes on Halloween. Order your favorite today, or these deals might fade to black before you can get them.

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