Wake up, get dressed, save the world, have dinner—it all be part of your normal routine when you put on any of these sexy superhero costumes on Halloween. Whether you hang out in the Watchtower going through DC's library or are making your way through Marvel's New 52, we've got the look for you.

SuperHeroes - Sexy Asgardian Queen Women's Costume

Sexy Asgardian Queen Women's Costume

Our Price: $138.99
In Stock
SuperHeroes - Sexy Jokester Women's Costume

Sexy Jokester Women's Costume

Our Price: $84.99
In Stock
SuperHeroes - Spider Girl Bustier Women's Costume

Spider Girl Bustier Women's Costume

Our Price: $34.97
In Stock
SuperHeroes - Sexy Wonder Lady Women's Costume

Sexy Wonder Lady Women's Costume

Our Price: $79.99
Out of Stock

Fans of the Dark Knight will love any of our many Batman costumes. These suits will make you ready to stalk through the streets of Gotham, for good or for evil. Work out your childhood traumas as a sultry Batman, or follow in your teacher's footsteps as Batgirl or Robin (just look out for that slap of his). Want to join the Joker Gang? Be Mr. J's main squeeze as the cute Harley Quinn, or pull her into the Gotham City Sirens as Catwoman or Poison Ivy.

When you're done there sail over to New York so you can talk to a sexy Superman—his son has been having some serious daddy issues, and you two really need a talk. You can always bring in the rest of the Justice League to help out. Wonder Woman always gives great advice, and the Flash...well, at least his new costume will make him look good while he's teasing everyone.

Can't figure out who's watching the Watchmen? Give it up and join the Avengers in any of our Marvel outfits. Live out your dreams of being a genius billionaire as a sultry Iron Man (but keep away from the drinks). When you get tired, you can find a block of ice and put on our Captain America suit for a nice, long nap. Come to the party as an amazing Spider-Man or Spidergirl, and you'll finally be able to tell them how to shot web.

Don't worry about Halloween this year. With so many costumes available, we can take care of any superhero fan. Wear any of them come October and you'll look better than any Ironette. Don't wait until Comic Con has come and gone—order them while these deals are still hot.

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