Saloon Girls

Saloon girls were as much a part of the wild west as were cowboys, gold mines, and shoot-outs. In a world where men outnumbered women in huge ratios, these bar-girls were a welcome diversion from the toil of working long hours in exhausting heat. Make their day a little brighter when you come to the party wearing one of these sexy saloon girl costumes.. Back when showing your ankles was still riské, the server's dresses were scandalously short. You'll make some waves of your own when you put on a traditional dancehall dress covered in sultry black shades, bedecked in flirty ruffles, and embellished with gorgeous trains. Start up the piano and give them a show as a cute Burlesque Babe, or get the night going when you start high-kicking as a Can Can Dancer.

Saloon Girls - Sexy Women's High Kick Honey Costume

Sexy Women's High Kick Honey Costume

Our Price: $29.99
In Stock
Saloon Girls - Women's Sexy Dancing Queen Costume

Women's Sexy Dancing Queen Costume

Our Price: $62.99
In Stock

If you're feeling a little more bawdy, slip on one of our hiked-up dresses and you'll have all those rangers chasing after you. The skirts of these drool-worthy dresses come only to the mid-thigh and higher, showing off your stage-worthy legs. Our hot pink Dance Hall Queen would have any cowboy asking you for a turn, and the burning red Speak Easy ensemble is sure to keep you customers coming back time after time.

Many people thought saloon girls were ladies of the night, but flirting at the bar was as far as they would go...even if their patrons wish they'd go farther. Everyone will want to go out for a drink with you when you dress up in these colorful costumes come Halloween. Order them fast—you might be competing with some other ranger for your favorite, and you never know if you'll lose the quick draw.

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