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The Roaring Twenties were a glamorous decade that saw the rise of the iconic Flapper girl dress. These fun loving women eschewed traditional thinking and temperaments for a wild style and new freedoms. High kicking, Charleston dancing, and freely imbibing flappers introduced a fun new style and outlook on life. Capture that energy and spirit with one of our fun and flirty Sexy Roaring 20's Costumes!

20's Costumes - Sexy Gangsta Mama Women's Costume

Sexy Gangsta Mama Women's Costume

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We have an extensive selection of flapper girl ensembles so you have a nice variety to browse through. The flapper girl basics are a short skirt cocktail dress with no shortage of fringe and sequins, with plenty of eye catching accents and accessories to help you really stand out. We offer a ton of flapper girl ensembles so you can find the one you like best. Many flapper outfits feature sequined fabric for a really stunning look we know you'll love. Don't forget to add fun flapper girl themed accessories like a pearl necklace, feather boa, long cigarette holder, feather accented headband, and so much more.

The flapper girl look is made for the dance floor so make sure you bring your dancing shoes. After all the flapper was the original party girl. These inventive and engaging styles will make you the highlight of any costume or decade themed party. Browse through our sexy 1920s costume collection and pick out your favorite today!

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