Divert your attention from frightening little kids for a moment, and turn yourself into the alluring monster that no one could be afraid of. These colorful Sexy Monster Costumes for Women don't give off your usual scary beast look, but instead they will transform you into a cute and unique creature. Think of a Monsters Inc. character with a whole lot of sex appeal added and that is what you will get with one of our outfits. Monsters get an unfair rap and you are here to change that.

Monsters - Sexy Women's Magic Dragon Costume

Sexy Women's Magic Dragon Costume

Our Price: $29.99
In Stock
Monsters - Sexy Rebel Monster Women's Costume

Sexy Rebel Monster Women's Costume

Our Price: $29.99
In Stock

There are two things that all these designs have in common. They are all very enticing, and they are all very fuzzy. Some of them involve cute, little dress that cut off at the upper thighs, showing off a lot of leg, and some of them are two pieces to get that flat stomach you worked so hard on, showing.

You'll also get furry hoods with pom-poms with mostly all of these outfits. The hoods all have different kinds of monster eyes, teeth, and horns, so there is plenty of variety on what kind of beast you can be. Some of the ensembles, such as the dragon ones, have pretty wings attached to the back of the top. If you're going to purchase an adult's sexy monster costume then you have to check out our crazy leg warmers, which are meant to match these outfits. They either display funny monster faces with stuck out tongues or monster feet that will match the rest of the design.

You can be a classic Halloween creation without being terrifying. Get one of our sexy women's monster costumes, and no one will hide under their covers from you.

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