Feel the ocean breeze at your back, the sand caressing your feet like a pair of socks fresh out of the dryer, and smell the kerosene as the fire burns on the Tiki torches. You might not be in Hawaii, but you can sure get the atmosphere down with a little bit of imagination. Once you have that feeling right, complete the Hawaiian mood with a Sexy Luau Costume for Women. Everyone wants to look good on the beach, and you sure will in one of our attractive designs.

The classic Luau outfits involve pieces such as lovely grass skirts and skimpy coconut bras. You'll be showing your features just like you do in a bathing suit, but it'll be in a much more unique way. We also have goofy tourist outfits that will humorously make you look out of your element at a Luau. These include Hawaiian shirts and other tacky pieces. But if you want hot then our sexy women's Luau costumes are the way to go.

Dance to the ukulele in the background, swing your hips in the grass skirt, and smell the pig roasting to the side. Easily turn any outdoor party into a Luau with some island tunes and a few of these seductive ensembles. It doesn't matter if it is a cold October night. Bring it back to a couple months ago to when it was still the summer, and buy one of these sexy Luau costumes for adults.

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