Show off your love for your country in seductive fashion this Halloween, 4th of July, Memorial Day, or any other patriotic holiday, and buy a Sexy Historic and Patriotic Costume. This section also includes designs that represent illustrious styles of past generations. Everything here is beautiful and will transform you into a woman who any man would desire. Be a branch of the military, a babe from the Victorian era, or just a giant flag. Show off your knowledge of history in hot fashion, and go with on of these outfits.

Historic/Patriotic - Sexy Miss Liberty Costume for Women

Sexy Miss Liberty Costume for Women

Our Price: $40.49
In Stock
Historic/Patriotic - Patriotic American Flag Dress

Patriotic American Flag Dress

Our Price: $31.49
In Stock
Historic/Patriotic - Marie Sexy Baroque Women's Costume

Marie Sexy Baroque Women's Costume

Our Price: $79.99
In Stock
Historic/Patriotic - American Beauty Women's Costume

American Beauty Women's Costume

Our Price: $35.97
Out of Stock

The red, white, and blue has shown what is has done for you, now it is time for you to pay Lady Liberty back with some appreciation. Nothing is more appreciative than dressing up as the Statue of Liberty itself. There are also sailor, army, and other military costumes, but they aren't the unflattering suits of the really military. They are tight, low-cut dresses that have the patterns and styles of the Navy and Army, but with so much more added enticement.

Half of these ensembles are perfect for holidays like the 4th of July and the other half are more suitable for events like Halloween and plays set in older times. The Baroque and Marie Antoinette type designs are great for productions like Les Miserables or as super fancy Halloween party costumes.

Whether you want to show of your national pride or you think the beauty of past generations is something you need to experience, we have a sexy women's historical or patriotic costume for you.

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