You and all of your friends can be the hottest girls of the night with a set of our Women's Sexy Group Costumes. If you have the belief that the party doesn't start until your group of girls get there then these outfits will help you solidify those thoughts. Jaws will drop and eyes will be starring when your seductive pack of friends walk into the room.

It's more fun to be with a group of friends on Halloween, rather then go out on your own or with one other person. If you're showing up with a bunch of other girls then why not show up in matching outfits? That way everyone knows all the fun people came together. We have enticing group costumes from all different genres, shows, movies, and more. Maybe you and your friends can't get together as much as you all used to be able to. So when you do have a time where you can all be in one place then you might as well celebrate it like best buds. What shows off your friendship more than prancing around all night dressed as a bunch of twins or characters from a story?

Whether you're the sexier version of the Spice Girls or a lady version of the Anchorman news team, there are endless group ensemble ideas. Use your imagination, and be unique this Halloween. Buy a sexy group costume for women, and your faction of friends will stand out above all others.

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