Run the town this Halloween, and show the men that it's a women's game, while you're wearing one of our Sexy Gangster Costumes for Women. Every guy will be lining up to be your muscle this year. When you're the leader of your gang, you'll do anything to make money and earn respect. Pick up your Tommy gun and go to work, because it is time to grow your empire.

Gangsters - Women's Sexy Mafia Mama Costume

Women's Sexy Mafia Mama Costume

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Gangsters - Sexy Gangsta Mama Women's Costume

Sexy Gangsta Mama Women's Costume

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With these outfits, you can be a classic mobster from the 20s or a modern 2000s gangster. We also have enticing pimp costumes, which match the genre very well. They are all out to make money. The 20s mob designs mostly involve black and white pin stripe dresses, which are styled to look like suits but are tight and seductive. The body-hugging dresses are matched with black fedoras, high stockings, cuff links, enticing ties, and more. You can add anything that is not included, such as a prop gun, fake money, money medallions, and saddle shoes.

On the other side of the spectrum are the new aged, flashy pimp ensembles. These get-ups usually include big floppy hats, animal print, long flowing jackets, velvet dresses, and canes. If your pimp game is strong then one of these great costumes will only solidify it more.

Get ready to rob banks, bootleg liquor, and live in the penthouse sweet, because you'll be the hottest mobster out there in one of these women's sexy gangster costumes.

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