When you were young you were taught to be nice and not naughty. Halloween is a time to flip that view on its head, and get a little promiscuous. Turn your favorite moral driven children's stories of the past into something a bit more daring, and buy a Sexy Fairytale Costume for Women. All of your favorite Disney and story book characters are here. From Princess Belle to Robin Hood and Alice in Wonderland designs, we have your favorite good guys. But we also have antagonists. Dress up as the Red Queen or the Queen of Hearts. Options are vast, so you're certain to find something you like.

Fairytale - Sexy Classic Alice Women's costume

Sexy Classic Alice Women's costume

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Fairytale - Sexy Mad Hatter Women's costume

Sexy Mad Hatter Women's costume

Our Price: $67.49
In Stock

Most of these seductive designs come with tight dresses, corsets, knee high socks, or small, cleavage revealing tops. Show off that lovely body of yours while celebrating your favorite characters. Little Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty didn't have any dirty intentions in their stories, but you can sure make your own little revisions. Turn something for kids into something very adult this Halloween, and get a women's sexy fairytale costume.

You'll have no problem picking up a man in one of these designs. They are extremely enticing with just the slightest touch of innocence, a recipe for dating success. These aren't the fairytales your parents read to you as a child, but they are certainly more eye catching. Get creative this year, and buy a fairytale women's costume that puts a sexy spin on a classic character.

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