Add an exotic spin to your Halloween look with our Sexy Egyptian and Arabian Costumes and desert accessories. Many of our Egypt outfits feature a Mediterranean style that includes a dress with black, gold, and white color schemes. Gold and turquoise accents are popular details on Cleopatra ensembles. Arabian looks often fit into a category with gypsies, belly dancers, or genies. These looks feature crop tops and bikini styles, harem pants, and gypsy sashes. You can complete your fortune teller ensemble with gold jewelry, bandanas, coin theme accessories, and high heel sandals. A fan, crystal ball, or scepter can also add to the fun of your Egypt and Arabian outfits.

Egyptian queens like Nefertiti and Cleopatra evoke images of strong, beautiful women that ruled over their lands with grace and cunning. Queen Cleopatra is probably the most famous Egyptian ruler. She reigned over her kingdom with Julius Caesar as a valuable ally. Her great political power has been translated into beauty and sex appeal through a modern lens. Egypt has had many rulers over the eons, leading to the construction of the Great Pyramids at Giza, the Sphinx, and other ancient marvels. Arabian cultures are similar when it comes to fashion thanks to similar desert climates. We often think of traveling gypsy troupes or beautiful harem dancers when it comes to these far off places. Look to stories like Aladdin or I Dream of Genie for fun twists you can add to your seductive Arabian looks.

Take your look away to an exotic desert when you don our sexy Arabian and Egyptian costumes for women.

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