Sip responsibly and in style with our Sexy Drinking Costumes. There are many cultures that celebrate the crafting and drinking of alcoholic beverages, and there are tons of outfits that go along with the practice. Try matching your look to your favorite flavor of drink. Tequila themed outfits often feature a Mexican style like a serape inspired dress or Spanish dancer look. For European drinking festivals, a Swiss or German beer maid look featuring a blouse, suspenders, and skirt with ruffles.

Drinking - Say Ahhh! Sexy Nurse Costume

Say Ahhh! Sexy Nurse Costume

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Drinking - Zombie Nurse Sexy Costume for Women

Zombie Nurse Sexy Costume for Women

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More modern beer outfits draw inspiration from drinking games and new concoctions like beer pong or Jaeger Bombs. You can squeeze a little extra fun out of you ensemble with drinking accessories like a drink can holster, flask prop, or syringe. You will be the most popular girl at the party when you show up with both a sexy dress and a means to pour out alcohol to your friends.

Social drinking can be a fun part of an adult party. There are tons of drinking games you can play to infuse some fun into your event. Put on a comically bad movie an take a drink any time you think "What on Earth?!" There are plenty of lists online for suitable movies and TV shows. Other games require a set of dice, coins, ping pong balls, or playing cards. Many of our alcohol outfits are based on some of the most popular games.

Get a bit wild this Halloween or at your next beer festival with our sexy alcohol costumes.

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