Halloween is the perfect time to show off your sassy side in our Sexy Classic Costumes and accessories. There are a few designs that are time-honored, popular picks that women come back to time and again to fill their dress-up needs. If you are looking to light up the room in a seductive and flirty design, opt for themes like a witch, cat, pirate wench, fairy, or showgirl for a look that is sure to please. These styles have been time tested over the years and have proven themselves to be true classics. Many of these looks feature a tight faux leather catsuit or a short skirt and blouse set that is sure to get hearts racing. Whether you want to excite someone special or you just want to flaunt what you have, our adult sexy designs offer something for everyone.

Classic - Sexy Women's Snowman Costume

Sexy Women's Snowman Costume

Our Price: $19.99
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Classic - Sexy Burlesque Baby Costume

Sexy Burlesque Baby Costume

Our Price: $22.99
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Classic - Sexy Fantasy Bride Women's Costume

Sexy Fantasy Bride Women's Costume

Our Price: $67.49
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Classic - Adult Midnight Fairy Costume

Adult Midnight Fairy Costume

Our Price: $33.27
Out of Stock

Classic looks are typically generic designs that draw from storybooks, history, and animal life. You will look like you stepped straight out of a fairytale in a cute princess dress or fairy godmother outfit. You can show off a darker side with a pirate queen or cat burglar ensemble. These looks are considered classics thanks to their staying power when it comes to popularity. You can use these items again and again for different parties and events. Changing up your accessories will also help you reuse your traditional sexy styles. Fishnet leggings, boots, theme jewelry, and hair accessories can change up your look to keep things fresh.

Strut your stuff at your next Halloween party or theme event in our classic sexy costumes and seductive accessories.

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