For the sports fan who wants to look sexy for her upcoming Halloween party, we have something for you! Our selection of sassy Cheerleader Costumes will make you look undeniably irresistible. Made with vibrant colors, high quality material, and featuring a skimpy alluring style this collection of cheerleader outfits will make you look ready for the big game. If you were never a cheerleader in high school, but have always wanted to be, this is your chance to make your dreams come true. We can offer you a one of a kind, sexy cheerleading ensemble that will transform you into a peppy beauty cheering on the home team.

Cheerleaders - Women's Retro Knicks Romper Costume

Women's Retro Knicks Romper Costume

Our Price: $39.99
In Stock
Cheerleaders - Women's Laker Girl Costume

Women's Laker Girl Costume

Our Price: $29.99
In Stock
Cheerleaders - Women's Sexy Chicago Bulls Costume

Women's Sexy Chicago Bulls Costume

Our Price: $49.45
In Stock
Cheerleaders - Sexy Cheerleader Women's Costume

Sexy Cheerleader Women's Costume

Our Price: $26.99
Out of Stock

Maybe you were a cheerleader in a high school. Maybe you were the team captain. Now here is your chance to relive your glory days and visit those memories cheering on the home team at the Friday night game. The bright lights, the roar of the crowd, and the excitement of competition as the two teams try to score the winning touch down. Our collection of sexy cheerleading outfits epitomizes these wonderful themes and concepts. Generally, a sexy cheerleading getup consists of a two pieces: the bikini top and the pleated mini skirt. Every one of these outfits will look amazing accessorized with a pair of pom poms, knee high socks, and matching pig tails.

Score a touch down when it comes to undeniable style this Halloween by donning one of our many sexy cheerleading costumes. Don't wait for the play clock to run out. Get one of these gorgeous, peppy ensembles today!

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