The spotlight will be displayed only on you this Halloween when you bear one of our Sexy Burlesque Costumes. These gorgeous, comfortable ensembles come in a variety of vibrant styles that will make you look like the star of a sexy, titillating show. Burlesque found its roots in America in New York City. Traveling shows from England would come to the downtown night clubs to put on shows that were comedic as well as sexy. By the early 20th century burlesque was the rage all over the country. Everyone wanted to get a piece of these late night performances that featured loud music, girls in outrageous outfits, and comedy bits.

Over the years, girls in burlesque have developed a certain type of wardrobe. They have a short skirt in the front, a long tail in the back, and a corset style top. However, every burlesque girl puts their own unique flair to this standard ensemble. Sometimes, they'll wear a top hat, a pair of cuffs, or they'll adorn their dress with an array of oversized feathers or even festoon their ensemble with rows of hanging tassels. When it comes to our selection of women's sexy burlesque outfits we strive to incorporate all these various frills. We also carry an endless supply of accessories that can make your burlesque outfit all your own.

Shake your rump in one of our ravishing outfits and you'll have guys following your every move. So get one of our Sexy Burlesque costumes today and expect to have one steamy Halloween!

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