Sexy, cute, and definitely fun these bug inspired dresses will be the perfect outfit to fly around in on Halloween night. We have unique bee, bugs, and butterfly ensembles that will make your heart flutter. They are easy to wear, made of high quality material and open to be accessorized. There is nothing more fun to wear than a vibrant, sexy bee, butterfly, or bug dress. You'll look so cute when you show up to the party. There is no doubt that all the guys are gonna be stung by your beauty. So become a sexy little bug that nobody is going to want to squish this Halloween season in any one of our Sexy Bee, Bug, or Butterfly Costumes.

Bee/Bug/Butterfly - Adult Sexy Ladybug Costume

Adult Sexy Ladybug Costume

Our Price: $29.99
In Stock
Bee/Bug/Butterfly - Women's Sexy Bumble Bee Babe Costume

Women's Sexy Bumble Bee Babe Costume

Our Price: $62.05
In Stock
Bee/Bug/Butterfly - Women's Fantasy Butterfly Costume

Women's Fantasy Butterfly Costume

Our Price: $29.99
In Stock

Lift up the leaf and discover what we have in store when it comes to these insect outfits. You'll find that we have sensual bee dresses that are designed with frizzy mini skirts that come with wings, a cute stinger in the back, and can be accessorized with a fun pair of wings. We have a variety of absolutely alluring butterfly ensembles that have been inspired by the Monarch and Swallowtail. If you're not looking for a bee or butterfly outfit than we have some of the cutest ladybug ensembles the world has ever seen. Fly around and have all the guys at the party close behind when you wear any one of our outfits in this fun theme.

Looking for a unique, sexy outfit to wear to the Halloween party this year? Why not check out what we have in store when it comes to Halloween costumes that are designed with style that has been inspired by some of nature's most majestic insects.

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