50's Costumes

You may have heard that the '50s was a period where modesty and good manners ruled social interactions, but nostalgia does a lot to sugarcoat things. The Sexy 50's Costumes are great examples of just how loose and fun the 50s actually were. Pinup girls dominated a subculture and all other women were secretly attracted to the boys who drove hot rods and slicked their hair back. This time was as liberated as today, except back then they didn't talk about it openly.

50's Costumes - Sexy Pin Up Adult Girl Costume

Sexy Pin Up Adult Girl Costume

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50's Costumes - Flirty Elvis Women's Costume

Flirty Elvis Women's Costume

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50's Costumes - Sexy Riveting Rosie Women's Costume

Sexy Riveting Rosie Women's Costume

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50's Costumes - Diner Doll Women's Costume

Diner Doll Women's Costume

Our Price: $53.99
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These costumes are the epitome of retro and cool. You'll look excellent dressed as a greaser, a female Elvis, or the pinup girl of every boy's dreams. These costumes feature elements like polka dots, faux leather jackets, and neck scarves, all of which will help you look like a character from Grease and some styles are so sexy that they'll make June Cleaver blush.

The pinup outfits are perhaps the most attractive ones available because one look in the mirror at yourself will be enough for you to know why all the boys painted depictions of you on their bombers during the war. That's some serious respect and a legacy that can never be overshadowed. You'll be the wild beauty with a vicious and kind heart.

You'll be the all around best kind of woman for any man this Halloween season. Pick up one of these 50s costumes and enjoy all the requests you'll receive to buy you a burger and a milkshake from the malt shop.

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