Zombies make a perfect Halloween costume. Nothing says Happy Halloween like a legion of the undead, shuffling about. There are many plus size zombie costumes that are ideal for Halloween. Creating a zombie masterpiece can be done by using any standard outfit, add some zombie makeup and props. The combinations of costumes are virtually as limitless as your imagination. Common props that can be used to add a special touch to plus sized zombie costumes. Fake body parts are always good to carry around. There are a wide range of body parts and internal organ props that can be used for the zombie to wield. With a little creativity you can even carry edible props like a heart shaped rice crispy treat, colored with red food dye. Add to that a few treats for the little trick or treaters, like eyeball shaped gum, and you will have one of the more memorable Halloween outfits.

Zombies - Plus Size Zombie Costume for Adult's

Plus Size Zombie Costume for Adult's

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For more frightening plus size zombie costumes, consider mixing props and prosthetic wounds. These wounds can be small facial and hand cuts, to latex creations of opened chest wounds. Add a bit of theatrical blood to make the wounds look fresh. There are many make up kits to help create the perfect wound. One of the all time great plus size zombie Halloween costumes is one that combines a clown and zombie. It plays on a common phobia of clowns and turns it into something a bit more sinister. Actually any costume genre can be zombified with the correct use of accessories. Countless other combinations are possible for plus sized zombie costumes.

Stand out with an individualized Halloween outfit. Zombies are great to customize and can be as much fun to create as they are to wear. With a little planning, you can stand out at any Halloween gathering.

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