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If you love your television shows and movies, then your Halloween costume should match that. With our supply of Plus Size Women's Television and Movies Costumes, you'll have your choice of characters to dress as. Some of these styles are sexy and flirtatious, while others are more serious and are just straight up costumes of characters. Whichever style you happen to prefer, you'll find it here. Whether your favorite fictional character is a Harry Potter witch, a villain from a horror movie, or Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, we've got you covered. These costumes are of iconic characters, and are guaranteed to be immensely popular with your friends at your next Halloween party. Many of them are good for group or couples costumes, so get your girlfriends or your boyfriend or husband to dress up with you. You're going to blow people away with your outstanding costume.

TV and Movie Womens - Plus Size Adult Supergirl TV Curvy Costume

Plus Size Adult Supergirl TV Curvy Costume

Our Price: $54.99
Out of Stock
TV and Movie Womens - Women's Sexy Curvy Ivy's Poison Costume

Women's Sexy Curvy Ivy's Poison Costume

Our Price: $76.99
Out of Stock

Each costume is unique, so each has its own set of accessories to make it complete. Depending on the character we have the appropriate accessory whether is be Lucy's trademark red wig or or Toto in a basket for your Dorothy dress. Look around until you find the pieces that are perfect for the look you're going for, and you'll be the best dressed person at your Halloween party. Get super powers as Wonder Woman, or hunt down the bad guys as Beth the Bounty Hunter. Either way, your look is going to be fantastic.

You can bring your favorite character to life this year, with your very own plus size television show or movie costume!

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