Become a human time machine for your next Halloween event or theme party and take a look at our wonderful collection of plus size 20s costumes and accessories. Venture back to the Jazz Age and put together an awesome flapper outfit or immerse yourself in the world of the Roaring 20s with an intimidating 20s gangster outfit. We have a wide variety of costumes for both men and women, so you are bound to find something you like.

20's - Plus Size Gangster Women's Costume

Plus Size Gangster Women's Costume

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20's - Plus Gangster Man Men's Costume

Plus Gangster Man Men's Costume

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20's - Plus Size Mob Boss Costume for Men

Plus Size Mob Boss Costume for Men

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The 1920s brought various changes for women, including the right to vote with the 19th Amendment in 1920. The decade was characterized by a newfound sense of independence for women, which can be attributed to the power obtained by the right to vote and the freedom sought after by the flappers. Flappers were often seen as reckless and rebellious, but they simply wanted to redefine the concept of womanhood and be seen as equal to men. The term "flapper" actually comes from the root word "flap," suggesting that these women were young birds who are learning to fly by flapping their wings.

The 18th Amendment to the Constitution banned the production, transport, and sale of alcohol in the United States. While the prohibition of alcoholic beverages was in effect, bootleggers began to run illegal liquor-smuggling businesses. This became a mob-related affair and provided us with the classic portrait of a 1920s gangster, with a pinstriped suit, a fedora, and a tommy gun. Overall, it would be safe to say that the 20s were mainly a decade of rebellion.

So stand up to the "man" and get one of these plus size 20s costumes today!

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