Dressing up as police officers and firefighters is a very common practice every Halloween. Everybody loves to put on a fun uniform and get all dressed up for the holiday, and police officers and firefighters have some of the most iconic uniforms out there. You certainly won't have any qualifications to fight crime, but you can show your respect for the men in uniform regardless. We have a large selection of plus size cop costumes as well as plus size firefighter costumes for both men and women, so it doesn't matter who you are, or what size you wear because we've got the perfect items for you.

Police/Firefighter - Plus Size Police Costume for Men

Plus Size Police Costume for Men

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Whether you're dressing up to pull a prank on your friends, or because you have a relative or a friend who is a cop or a firefighter, we have uniforms that look authentic, and we have styles that are definitely sillier. And for the ladies, we have sexy versions too. If your man's into a little role play, or if you're looking to get the attention of a man at your Halloween party, one of our sexy plus size police uniforms is your best bet.

If you go with one of our crime fighting selections, you'll definitely want a pair of our handcuffs. If you're going with a more authentic look, you'll want to take a loot at our toy guns, holsters, badges, hats, and other accessories. You know what a police officer looks like, so take a look through our wide selection until you find exactly what pieces you need to have the best costumes possible. If you want to dress as a fireman, our hats and hoses make great add-ons.

Uphold the law this Halloween, or just have a ton of fun, with your plus sized police officer or firefighter costume!

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