Pimpin' may not be easy, but it's worth it this Halloween. When you put on your amazing Plus Size Pimp Costume, you'll look like an exaggerated version of an old school pimp. Back in the 1970's and even earlier, pimps would dress in bright colors and fanciful patterns as a display of their wealth and status. They reproduce that classic outfit with hats, jackets, and even canes. Have a couple ladies walk in on your arm, and everybody will know that you're the guy to talk to at your next Halloween party. We also have a pimp outfit for women, so you can change the conversation and switch around the expected gender roles. A female pimp is pretty hot, so you'll have a hard time keeping all the men off of you.

Pimps - Plus Size Adult Biggest Daddy Pimp Costume

Plus Size Adult Biggest Daddy Pimp Costume

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There are plenty of fun pimps from movies and television shows, so you can pick your favorite one and dress up as him. Whatever you need, we'll have it here. Make sure you check out our wide supply of costume jewelry, because what's a pimp without his bling bling? We've also got fake money, so you can make it rain when you show up at the party. Check out our wigs, shoes, and other accessories, to ensure that your pimp suit is second to none. A lot of pimps tended to be bigger guys, so the plus size costume is a very popular one.

It's hard out there for a pimp, but you make it look easy in your awesome pimp costume!

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