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Take the first step toward saving the world and protecting the people from imminent danger, and check out our fantastic collection of plus size men's superheroes costumes. With one of these outfits, you can transform yourself into one of the most well-known crime-fighters in the history of comics and movies. So choose who your favorite superhero is and dress up like the character for your next Halloween event, theme party, or comic book convention.

Mens SuperHeroes - Grand Heritage Superman Adult Costume

Grand Heritage Superman Adult Costume

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Mens SuperHeroes - Plus Size Adult Deluxe Joker Costume

Plus Size Adult Deluxe Joker Costume

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A superhero is usually defined as a character – human or superhuman – who possesses extraordinary abilities that he or she uses to protect and defend the public from villains, archenemies, and natural danger. Sometimes these heroes have great powers that give them the ability to fly or run extremely fast, but a character doesn't necessarily need to have superhuman strength to be considered a superhero. For example, characters such as Batman and the Green Arrow possess no superhuman abilities – they simply use their wealth and resources to create an alias they use to protect and defend the pubic from evil.

Batman is a great example of a superhero because he doesn't possess any superpowers, per se. Yet Bruce Wayne constantly puts his life on the line with only his special batsuit and countless gadgets that he uses to give him an edge on his opponents. Other great superheros include The Incredible Hulk, who uses his suppressed anger to defeat villains, and Iron Man, who has created a super suit with his intellect and wealth. Of course, we cannot talk about superheroes without mentioning the prototype of all superheroes: Superman.

Practice your crime-fighting while wearing our plus size men's superheroes costumes this year!

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